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Do not always choose the highest number of revolutions; a lower number of revolutions increases the maintenance intervals and the service life, and noise. In case of long-term operation of more than 1,500 service hours per year, the number of revolutions should not exceed 2,600 rpm.

2G40 Hatz Diesel Engine

The two-cylinder power pack

  • sets new standards for compact size and power/weight ratio.
  • air-cooled with flywheel blower fan
  • forced-feed circulating lubrication

2G40: standard engine with electric starter 12 V or 24 V

2G40H: additional power take-off with gear wheels for hydraulic

Download 2G40 Hatz diesel engine datasheet

2-4L41C Hatz Diesel Engine

automatic engine-protection feature

  • air-cooled with axial blower
  • forced-feed circulating lubrication
  • with additional counter balance system

HATZ Silent Pack engines are the quietest diesel ENGINES FOR INSTALLATION of their class and, above all, ready for application.

Download 2-4L1C Hatz diesel engine datasheet

2-4M41 Hatz Diesel Engine

Multi-cylinder diesel engines of modular design

First industrial engine world-wide with
integrated automatic engine-protection feature
alternatively with (model Z) and without counter balance
air-cooled with axial blower forced-feed circulating lubrication crank handle start or electric start 12V / 24V

  • gear wheels to drive the camshafts
  • hydraulic pump power take-off directly on the crankshaft
  • blower fan drive with mechanically acting automatic shutoff
  • mechano-hydraulic automatic engine-protection feature
  • suppression of start smoke

Download 2-4M41 Hatz diesel engine datasheet

2-4W35 Hatz Diesel Engine

  • the new liquid-cooled series
  • state-of-the art injection equipment with pump / nozzle unit
  • auxiliary drive via geer-wheels and timing chain (low maintenance)
  • compact dimensions due to integrated air-filter and exhaust silencer (optional)
  • version with exhaust-gas turbocharger available (model T)
  • compact: due to an optimum component design
  • light weight: due to the use of cast aluminium for all parts of the housing
  • silent: due to optimization of the housing structures via the finite elements method, and application of our internally developed noise reduction technology
  • beautiful: due to clearly structured contours

Download 2-4W35 Hatz diesel engine datasheet