Kohler offers a state of the art range of petrol engines from 4Hp to 40Hp with horizontal or vertical shaft options.

Kohler’s Command, Courage, and Aegis engines’ long life, low maintenance, quick easy starts and quiet performance are suitable for a large range of industries and applications including ride-on mowers, lawn mowers, grain augers, stump grinders, wood chippers, log splitters, saw mills and other powered equipment.

The new Kohler Diesel Air Cooled engines boast the latest technology from direct injection technology to full pressure lubrication. The Kohler Diesel Liquid Cooled range delivers top-notch fuel injection technology reducing fuel consumption, while the belt-driven, overhead camshaft and low-turbulence make for quieter operation. Kohler Diesel engines range from 6.7Hp to 64.4 Hp.

Kohler Residential Generators provide the best in-class power and performance.

Kohler Residential Generators are specially designed for use around the home and/or business and provide the ultimate protection during unexpected power outages.

PowerForce Generators are the new force in petrol powered portable generators in Australia.

The PowerForce Generators range of economical and high performance portable generators are powered by Kohler engines and are ideal for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications.

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