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Vehicle Chassis Dyno & ECU Remapping Solutions



Maitland Diesel Service provides customers with the ability to have their vehicle tested and diagnosed using state of the art dyno tuning equipment to simulate road conditions.

Maitland Diesel Service's AWD Chassis Dynamometer includes all essential analytic and tuning tools required for vehicle fault diagnosis, general engine tuning and performance enhancement applications.



We can now perform ECU remapping for your diesel 4×4, car or SUV to provide more power and economy. Unlike diesel power modules, chips or tuning boxes, Diesel ECU remapping can edit the engines turbo boost maps, remove torque limiters and alter the start of injection before TDC, this is where most of your safe power and torque gains can be made. If you are not close to us, you can send us your ECU and we can remap it and send it back to you via express shipping.

Note: All our tunes have been developed specifically for Australian Market vehicles



A majority of customers are after more power, torque and fuel efficiency for their vehicles. Maitland Diesel Service suggests they install the Steinbauer Power Module to get the most out of their vehicle. Steinbauer is based on a system that is independent from the engine control unit.

With the Steinbauer Power Module and a comprehensive dyno tune you can expect to experience better fuel economy, great torque spread, increased power and improved throttle response. When you perform a dyno tune you will generally receive detailed printouts of your vehicle's statistics.