VM Motori Engine Servicing, Sales, Spares & Repairs

VM Motori was founded in 1947. The Company is specialised in the design and production of high technology diesel engines for a variety of uses.

VM Motori’s engines were initially targeted towards the industrial, agricultural and marine industries. It was the development of a new range of state of the art, turbocharged diesel engines in the mid-seventies that saw VM Motori start to make a name for itself in the automotive sector.

vm motori industrial engine servicingVM Motori has taken the experience gained in the field of automotive diesel engines, including the latest fuel injection systems, turbochargers and other components and applied it to the new direct and indirect injected engine series. The application of this new technology allows us to produce new industrial engines with better performance, lower emissions and improved durability/reliability, even under adverse load and environmental conditions.

An important characteristic of all industrial diesel engines is the ability to produce high torque at low engine speeds, as well as to develop high torque rise between rated engine speed and the peak torque speed.

VM Motori Industrial Diesel Engines serviced by Maitland Diesel Service include: